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Corked 01-22



This is a wine app I created to give the everyday person easy access to knowledge about wine. There is a journal section where you can enter the wine you tried and write a review on it. You can then click on other reviews made by users on the app for that wine. Next there is a section to learn about the regions of wine and how its made. You can click on provence for example and see photos, quotes and learn about the vineyards. Next you can learn about the different types of wine from pino to merlot. If you click on one it shows you facts about the wine such as how cold to keep it, how long it lasts and what foods you should pair it with. Finally there is an explore tab that allows you to search stores near you as well as brands you love. You can change the flavor settings to get more specific searches and once you find the brand you love, click and see reviews on it!

Art Direction: Scott Laserow

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