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Bountiful 01



Bountiful was a brand I created for the Non Profit Philabundance, who is working with farmers to create a food line to raise money for people who are food vulnerable. They use the leftover food that grocery stores have not bought and turn it into sell-able products. I named it bountiful to show that there is plenty of food to go around and created a high end looking brand to show that event recycled or leftover food can be delicious and luxurious. The brand is easily interchangeable from product to product and the color palette follows the food inside. I created Vodka Sauce, Pickle jar, Olive Oil, cheese, dried fruit and juice. Here are some detail shots. I also created a clothing line that follows the brand guidelines vibrant colors. As you can see I created different shirts, pillows, shoes and posters. Finally, I created a one page promotional website that shows the highlights of the brand and shows how purchasing the bountiful products can make a difference.

Art Direction: Bryan Satalino and Scott Laserow

Photography: Austen Hart

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