No Regrets is a brewery brand I designed for the people that love beer but don’t want any of the regrets that come with it the next morning. The O in No doubles as a percentage to show that there is O% alcohol. Never again will you have to miss out on going to the bar with your friends! Each beer type depicts a different regret someone might have the next day. One night stand Stout shows that strange apartment you woke up in. Tattoo Pale Ale, that shows a tattoo you probably shouldn’t have gotten. And Drunk text porter shows that text to your ex you wish you hadn’t sent. The feeling of the cans are bright and energetic to show that even without alcohol you too can have a fun night out! The 6 pack also comes with a custom acrylic holder as well as etched coasters to match the regret of the night.

Art Direction: Bryan Satalino

Photography: Austen Hart